About Us

WILD RINAis made to bring every girl her personal collection of romantic, sweet, and sexy pieces to her closet. We embody California’s spirit of an eternal summer and a whimsical lifestyle — In-N-Out all day every day. Our collections are very intimate and curated piece by piece. Wild Rina always finds a fresh take on trends. Whether you’re dressed to explore a new part of town or out on Sunday brunch date, we want you to feel effortlessly confident in whatever you wear — so get ready to slay your #OOTD babe!

WILD RINAThe name Wild Rina was inspired by our owner Brittney’s love for the ocean and marine life. Since a young age, she has been enthralled by sea life and it’s charm. Incorporating that love into the name is a meaningful sentiment to weave it into her life and work.


Creating Wild Rina is my dream come true. I’ve always had a love for fashion and tried to find ways to incorporate it into my life and work. Whether it was my secret blog in high school, my online shop for refashioned vintage clothes, or creating my identity as Missxbo — the girly fashion blogger … Fashion has always been my form of creativity and self expression.

Wearing an outfit that makes me feel and look amazing gives me an indescribable confidence. The right outfit makes me feel bold, powerful, and fearless! Wild Rina was created so every woman can feel that same confidence wherever she goes.