Wild Rina is made to bring every dreamer their personal collection of romantic feminine mixed modern pieces to their closet. We embody California’s spirit of an eternal summer and a contemporary lifestyle. Our collections are very intimate and curated piece by piece. Wild Rina always finds a fresh take on trends. Whether you’re dressed to take on the daily hustle or celebrating the weekend on a Sunday brunch date, we want you to feel effortlessly confident in everything you wear.

Wild Rina is my dream come into real life. We are located in the Bay Area of California, which has always been a huge inspiration behind our west coast vibe! Combine that with my love for feminine touches, neutral colors, and a dreamy aesthetic, you get Wild Rina!



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Fashion has always been my form of creativity and self expression. Wearing the right outfit makes me feel amazing and gives me an indescribable confidence. I feel bold, fearless, and powerful! Wild Rina was created so you can feel that same fire wherever you go. Thank you for your support and letting me live my dream!